Flower Care Tips

Here’s a few tips to keep your fresh cut flowers looking great for longer!

Trim Your Stems

With sharp scissors, trim the ends of the stems at an angle. This provides the flower a larger surface area to absorb water to keep it happy and healthy.

Move Them To A Vase

Put your flowers in a vase ¾ filled with fresh, clean, room-temperature water.
Pro Tip: A cap of bleach added to the water will kill any bacteria that might cause your flowers to prematurely expire.

Stay Hydrated

Ensure the water in their vase doesn’t dry up! On hot days you might be surprised at how thirsty your flowers can be, and how quickly the water in their vase can evaporate.

Only Stems In The Water

Keep loose foliage and debris from below the water line. Not only does it look untidy, decaying foliage in the water can breed nasty bacteria.

Change The Water & Re-Trim

Every few days, change the water and re-trim your stems. Re-trimming helps your flowers maintain their ability to drink water, and just like us humans, we prefer fresh, clean water to drink!

Sunlight Not Required

It might sound strange, but cut flowers don’t need sunlight to live. Sometimes this can actually dry them out quicker, so it’s best to keep them out of direct sunlight and in a cool area.

Climate Control

You can place flowers anywhere in your house, but it’s best to keep them away from air conditioners blowing directly onto them, or in the presence of heaters.

Keep Away From Fruit & Veggies

While it may be enticing to stage your own modern interpretation of a Van Gough, it’s best to keep fruit and vegetables away from your flowers. The (harmless) gas they emit actually shortens the life of your flowers, so it’s probably best to stick to chocolate – don’t mind if we do!

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