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Our History

Our journey began in a flourishing backyard garden that belonged to Sebastian Mirciov more than four decades ago. A hard-working Romanian immigrant with an eye for detail and a natural green thumb, he loved everything about cultivating vegetables and flowers.

Sebastian was inspired to turn this hobby into a career. He completed a floristry course in 1985 and would become co-owner of a floristry business that same year. In 1997 he decided it was time to venture out on his own and opened Brisbane Market Flowers.

While Sebastian was building his business, he was also building a family to share it with. His daughter Marion inherited his love for flowers, working at Brisbane Market Flowers on the weekends. She joined the family business full-time after finishing school to pursue her own floral passions and she eventually took over the reins in 2012.

Sadly, Sebastian passed away in March 2016 at age 60, leaving behind a legacy that we are proud to continue.

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